Delivering a catering service that is personal and exceptional

The Ethical Caterer of Choice

Thomas Franks Malta celebrates fresh local ingredients, creating bespoke meals and snacks, day in and day out. Our Maltese chefs know our local suppliers well, and work closely with the island communities. Our suppliers have been carefully selected for their ethos and highest standards.

Each location is managed by passionate, professionally trained and experienced chefs, who also work closely with our registered and qualified Thomas Franks nutritionist to ensure our menus are designed with variety and nourishment. We believe everyone should have daily access to wholesome meals.

We also work hard in maintaining a robust allergen control system to avoid cross contamination by evaluating the process of manufacturing, delivery, storage, prep and service.

All of this contributes to Thomas Franks Malta’s success and why our clients recommend us for new partnerships.


Unique,  bespoke caterers who focus on great food, locally sourced ingredients, and exceptional service.


We provide highly specialised, chef led catering, expertly tailored to our clients and customers.


We have a tenacious commitment to deliver on our promises with a fanatical passion for exceptional food, whilst providing excellent value for money.

Who we work with

Thomas Franks Malta prides itself on working with the freshest, tastiest and highest quality produce available. We have created strong relationships with our carefully chosen local family-owned suppliers. We value the simplicity of great Maltese ingredients such as stunning seafood, juicy fruit and vibrant vegetables thanks to the Mediterranean weather and Maltese terrain, and fresh reared meats. This standard of quality is no different for our baked goods as our locations often agree to having artisan bread baked inhouse from scratch.

Suppliers such as Mosta Bacon for fresh reared pork, Fish Chop Shop to Maypole Bakery will ensure we are provided with the most delicious raw ingredients to add real depth of flavour to our dishes. In Malta we always support the local communities, ensuring that the produce we select is from local suppliers such as Bartolli and Good Earth for dry goods to FNG for fruit and vegetables.

Suppliers like Good Earth are committed to sourcing and providing unrefined, natural and organic food products. It is our way of giving back to the community.