The Ethical Caterer of Choice

Thomas Franks Portugal is passionate about working with the most delicious, fresh and local ingredients. We believe in the simplicity of a smaller-scale family business, where we are more agile and have the ability to create genuine close relationships with our teams and chosen suppliers. Our mutual trust allows Thomas Franks Portugal to offer you a complete bespoke service to suit your needs.

Our chefs differ from the rest, they are well-experienced and most importantly, have a genuine passion for food. They have a strong understanding of every aspect from maintaining a robust allergen control system to providing a wealth of authentic recipes from around the world.

Each location is led by our chefs, who also collaborate with our registered and qualified Nutritionist. By doing so, we are providing you with menus that not only taste great but have an essential nutritional value too.

The majority of our team members are Portuguese nationals and are Portuguese-speaking. As well as this, those in leadership have gained knowledge through international experiences.

All of these aspects contribute to the growing success of Thomas Franks Portugal, and most importantly, why our clients recommend us for new partnerships.


Unique,  bespoke caterers who focus on great food, locally sourced ingredients, and exceptional service.


We provide highly specialised, chef led catering, expertly tailored to our clients and customers.


We have a tenacious commitment to deliver on our promises with a fanatical passion for exceptional food, whilst providing excellent value for money.

Who we work with

Thomas Franks Portugal enjoys a strong relationship with its carefully chosen local family-owned suppliers, working with the tastiest produce available. We value the simplicity of great ingredients such as making the most of the freshest catch of the day to our exceptional artisan bread made and baked in-house. We work farm-to-table, ocean-to-table, with less kms in deliveries, and supporting local communities.