Sustainability is something that we strive to feature across every element of our business.

We are on a mission to achieve B-Corp, and by doing so we are making every change, big or small, to help us reduce our carbon footprint. 

By putting emphasis on sustainability in our food offerings, we hope to benefit all of the community as well as make everyone think differently about the environment and contribute to the protection of our future planet.

“We are commited to helping the planet”

Remove all Plastic Packaging

Working with our Suppliers

We aim to fully eliminate the use of plastic packaging in our food.

Working closely with our suppliers, we have reduced our plastic packaging used in all locations to near zero.

Working with only local suppliers and also Vegeware, we have both eliminated single use plastic and decreased our carbon footprint.


Helping to reduce and reuse waste

Biodigesters are a fantastic way of reducing waste. 

The machines work with all bio degradable produce, meaning even our packaging from Vegware can be used and broken down in the Biodigester. 

The waste is broken down aerobically using oxygen and a special blend of microbes. Water and carbon dioxide are then relased, reducing the volume of the materials inside the machine. 

Within 24 hours, food waste is then turned in to stabilised, low-odour substrate, reduced by up to 80% in volume. 

(we believe biodigesters are something that should be installed in all locations and become commonplace across the world) 



Working with our Clients

We work with our clients to support them on their goals in SCR and Sustainabiliability

Over the years, we at Thomas Franks have seen our clients more as family than as business associates. This means we support them with all of their goals, not only in the kitchens.

Whether it’s eliminating plastic waste or reducing food waste, we have bespoke sustainable action plans to reduce the environmental cost of catering. 

Christine Bailey, Group Director of Nutrition

Christine is an award winning Registered Nutritionist, leading healthy eating expert, chef, author and broadcaster with over 20 years of experience. Working within the locations, Christine advises the teams on the optimal ways of reducing food waste and encorporating as much of the ingredients as possible.

Ged Burden, Director of Health, Safety and Sustainability

Having worked in the environmental sector for over 30 years, Ged, as our Director of Safety and Sustainability is full of valuable knowledge. Ged is driven to improve the efforts of Thomas Franks and advise teams in all locations of the best practice when it comes to reducing our environmental impact. 

ISO 14001 Certification

An ISO 14001 certification shows an organisational commitment to the environment and a more efficient, conscious use of the earth’s resources. At Thomas Franks, we are proud to show that we are making changes to better our world for future generations.