About Us

Who we are

In 2004, Frank Bothwell and his wife, Emma Bothwell,  established the contract catering company, with a difference.

What we do

We create an innovative and seasonal approach to food, using only fresh ingredients and cooking from scratch for all our clients, every single day.

Why it works

We are unique in inspiring our teams to run their services as their very own. We remain industry leading, providing cutting edge creativity and a passion for excellence.

Our approach

Food & Nutrition

Food is at the heart of what we do. We source with care and cook with passion, anticipating forthcoming culinary trends and supporting small and local producers and suppliers.

We believe in an innovative and seasonal approach to food, using fresh ingredients and cooking from scratch for all of our clients every single day.

We strive to ensure our customers enjoy freshly prepared, tasty and nutritious food every day. Our menus are designed and prepared to ensure our meals are of the highest quality and meet the nutritional needs of our customers.


The impact that we are making on our environment is at the forefront of our agenda – we are dedicated to working responsibly with our clients, suppliers and employees to make positive changes.

• ISO14001 accredited 

• 100% food waste composted by 2023

• 50% paperless throughout the whole company by 2022



We hand-pick local, family-owned regional suppliers to bring us the best of each season’s produce. It is important to us to support the communities in which we operate and to reduce our carbon footprint and food miles.

We invest in our relationships with our suppliers which is in turn rewarded with their dedication and loyalty.

Our values

Driven to Be Different

To put it simply, we provide cutting edge service, consistently delivering freshly made, delicious food to an exceptionally high standard.


We are proud to work with some of the best, most established companies within the UK and Europe.

We provide dining services from café concepts to fine dining, hospitality, and events.

We deliver a uniquely personal service to each of our clients, which includes: nutrition-conscious delicious menus, unparalleled customer service and an innovative approach to all we do.

We pride ourselves in sourcing both fresh local ingredients and responsibly sourced global imports, to ensure a fusion of flavours to satisfy every palate.


We are proud to work with many of the most prestigious schools in the UK and Europe.

We understand that food is at the heart of school life, particularly in boarding schools and we are  expert in ensuring an outstanding experience for the whole school community.

Nourishing pupils is paramount to everything we do. We ensure our pupils always enjoy freshly prepared, tasty and nutritious food which supports their development and  enriches their school experience.

Team Members

Meet Our Team

Frank Bothwell

Frank Bothwell

Founder & CEO

Blain Shepherd

Blain Shepherd

UK Managing Director

Gavin Young

Gavin Young

Group Culinary Director

Lorraine Wilson

Lorraine Wilson

Finance Director

Victoria Freeman

Victoria Freeman


Christine Bailey

Christine Bailey

Group Director of Nutrition & Wellbeing

Claire Long

Claire Long

Business Development Director