We are proud to work with some of the best and most established companies within the UK.

At Thomas Franks, we provide dining services tailored to you.
From café concepts to fine dining, hospitality, and events.

Our approach, that includes delicious menus, unparalleled customer service and innovative approaches in everything we do.

We pride ourselves in sourcing both fresh local ingredients and global imports, to ensure a fusion of flavours to satisfy every palate.

Case Study

Institute of Development Studies (IDS)

Founded in 1966, the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) offers word-class research, learning and teaching.

With more than 500 people to feed, Thomas Franks recognised the need to widen and vary the food offer available and provide for every individual. For example, at lunch, IDS now choose from an artisan salad bar, traditional hot lunches, street food concepts, freshly prepared Grab & Go items and a fresh fruit and yoghurt bar. The dedicated nutritionist for Thomas Franks also introduced a healthier and more balanced menu including plant-based eating and under-500 calorie options.

At Thomas Franks, we believe that people and development are important factor and for that reason, we offered the Thomas Franks Chef Academy programme to the catering team to better their understanding on allergens and food safety as well as to learn new culinary skills at craft training days.

We also introduced more environmental initiatives within the food service and offer. Our green kitchen standards involved the use of paper bags and not plastic packaging, compostable coffee cups and kitchen gardens to reduce the carbon footprint. Following on from this, we always make sure we source from local or regional suppliers, not only to support the local community but also to improve our environmental initiatives.

Case Study


With the aim to boost staff morale through tastier and higher quality food, in 2017 Thomas Franks were chosen as the new catering partner.

To begin, the menu was redesigned to reflect the diverse needs of the DeLonghi employees. The breakfast option was refreshed to provide variety and nutrition, whilst adding treats such as freshly baked pastries. Lunch options like wholesome soups featuring seasonal produce became staples. As well as this, staff are treated to homemade cakes throughout the day and not to mention the much loved all-day Friday brunch too!

Thomas Franks made adjustments to the interior decor and opened up a Kitchen Garden in December 2017, which proved to be extremely popular with the staff. With newly designed ‘Kitchen Garden’ branding and menus displayed on large wide-screen monitors, DeLonghi adopted a new and contemporary feel.

Inside the restaurant, working relationships blossomed between DeLonghi and Thomas Franks staff thanks to the new open-plan kitchen design, allowing for better communication. A more efficient working style alongside a wider range of food, also meant that we could introduce hospitality provision for important meetings and clients.

Case Study


Abcam are a global life sciences company, founded in 1998, with headquarters on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus. With around 700 employees are based at their UK site.

Abcam wanted a catering partner that could focus on encouraging balanced, nutritionally optimised and tasty food offers that educate their teams and allow them to make effortless healthy choices. 

Our contract fulfilment varies from sandwich lunches, to premium buffet and breakfast meetings and drinks. We also serve a subsidised menu for the staff and free issue barista drinks all day.  

‘We think that social events are very important at a work place, as this builds a sense of community, whilst making new connections and friendships with colleagues that you may not always see in your part of the building. Especially post covid, we find this vital for health and wellbeing, so with this in mind, Abcam have a Summer BBQ coming up at the end of June for their teams to enjoy’