We are proud to work with some of the best and most established companies throughout Portugal.

At Thomas Franks, we provide dining services tailored to you.
From café concepts to fine dining, hospitality, and events.

Our approach, that includes delicious menus, unparalleled customer service and innovative approaches in everything we do.

We pride ourselves in sourcing both fresh local ingredients and global imports, to ensure a fusion of flavours to satisfy every palate.

Case Study

José de Mello Residências Assistidas (Domus Vida) – Parede & Junqueira

A centre for residence and services for seniors, with two locations in Portugal. Both locations, Parede and Junqueira, have over 100 residents and staff combined.

Thomas Franks was awarded the contract in February 2021 to cater for two of the assisted home locations, Parede and Junqueira. With the aim to improve catering overall, we introduced more varied, flavoursome and nutritionally balanced dishes. As well as improving the quality of ingredients and food presentation. These changes were implemented at all meal times; breakfast, lunch, dinner and mid and afternoon snacks.

To cater for the residents, we opened up the option for room service or delivery to condo-apartments, as well as serving meals in the dining room. Our Thomas Franks nutritionist adapted the menu to suit all dietary requirements and medical needs including special diets with medical constraints and consistencies such as purées. In order for food to remain fresh and of higher quality, we also enhanced and advised the staff on more efficient purchasing and delivery procedures.